Get Started

Get Started with Wasmer Edge

This page will guide you through installing Wasmer, and deploying an already existing package to Wasmer Edge infrastructure.

Install Wasmer CLI

Install the latest version of Wasmer CLI following the instructions here.


You can see all commands available with wasmer --help. You can also read the CLI documentation online.

Log in into Wasmer

Create a new account in Wasmer (opens in a new tab). Then, log in into the Wasmer CLI and follow the provided steps to provide the CLI access to your Wasmer account.

wasmer login

Deploy a package

Creates an app based on an existing package on the registry.

Here we use wasmer.io/wasmer/hello, a simple web server with a stub template page.

wasmer app create wasmer/hello

This will create an app.yaml file with the following contents

kind: wasmer.io/App.v0
name: <your-username>-hello-world
package: wasmer/hello

To redeploy after making changes, like upgrading the package, simply run wasmer deploy in a directory with an app.yaml file.

Next Steps