Wasmer Edge Apps

Apps are the main deployment mechanism on Wasmer Edge, and provide a simple and configuration-driven way to define, upgrade and manage your services.

Each app is based on a package from the registry, which is then deployed to the Wasmer Edge cloud.

The package must provide a HTTP server, which will be auto-scaled on demand to serve incoming requests from the edge node (server) closest to the user.

App instances are currently stateless and ephemeral. They will automatically be started to serve requests, and shut down again after a short idle period.

Apps are reachable through an automatically provisioned URL (NAME.wasmer.app),

Note: in the future apps will also be able to be persistent and stateful with persistent volumes. Apps will also expand to provide generic TCP/UDP servers, not just HTTP.

Deployment Flow

Apps are based on a configuration file, which can also be managed through the admin UI.

Each deployment of an app will create a new app version. Each version will also be independently accessible through a dedicated version URL, which can be inspected in the CLI or web UI.

You can optionally skip setting an app version as the active default, allowing you to test out new changes before promoting them to production. Rolling back to a previous version is also trivial.

Previous versions always remaining accessible also helps with reproducing bugs!