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Cloudflare Workers

Wasmer Edge vs Cloudflare Workers

Wasmer Edge and Cloudflare Workers are both serverless platforms for running websites at scale.


Wasmer Edge and Cloudflare Workers share these similarities:

  • More affordable than traditional clouds
  • Fast startup times
  • Fully stateless modern architecture
  • Built on a shared nothing architecture, infinite scaling


Wasmer Edge and Cloudflare Workers differ in significant ways:

  • Wasmer Edge has dedicated private networking for every workload
  • Wasmer Edge supports multithreaded applications, while "multi-threading and shared memory are not permitted in [Cloudflare] Workers"
  • Wasmer Edge can run Python, Rust, and other languages without any JS glue code, while Cloudflare Workers can only run WebAssembly through JavaScript. Example: Django can't run in Cloudflare workers.
  • Cloudflare workers currently have more PoP's (Points of Presence)